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I am sick of hearing from the separatists that the Better 
Together campaign is negative and scaremongering.

It isn’t negative or scaremongering to challenge assumptions and assertions put forward by the Yes campaigners by pointing to the facts and the hard evidence which they will not 
accept and would rather the rest of us didn’t hear.

In my view it is the whole concept of separatism that is negative, and emphasis on the seemingly positive word “Yes” belies this reality.

Look at what’s involved: breaking up a hugely successful family of nations, setting up barriers where none currently exist, turning your back on the most needy in the rest of the UK, creating a huge chasm in Scottish society as opinion is divided, bullying and abuse of fellow Scots on social media because they dare to speak up for the UK; these are all negative.

I’m being positive when I say I want Scotland to remain part of our union of nations so that Scotland’s heritage, culture and strengths can continue to contribute to the lustre and influence of that union.

I want us to continue working together in a spirit of friendship and co-operation for the benefit of all who live in these islands, not to be torn apart.

Sometimes you can be more positive by saying No.

David Breckon

Denholm Avenue