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IS IT so difficult for the Labour Party to understand that it does not have any lawful authority to govern either in London or 
Scotland all the time?

It is due to its mismanagement that it will remain in opposition indefinitely. Could the suggestion by the coalition council of Aberdeen, led by Labour’s Barney Crockett, to criminalise street begging be purely an attempt to achieve a personal accolade so desperately needed after the disastrous decisions in the recent past?

Having refused £50 million from the generous Sir Ian Wood (for no reason) for the City Garden Project, which would have generated a wealth of employment the city craved, one would think that they would get their heads together for something more creative in the interests of city dwellers.

Had the Scottish Government suggested that the Labour Party favourite public-private partnership was to support the City Garden Project instead of tax incremental financing scheme, Mr Crockett would probably have grabbed it with both hands.

Donald J Morrison