Poor tactical play

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In chess it is called an unforced error, while in football it would be called an own goal. On Saturday it was reported that the Westminster Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, wishes to renege on the planned 1 per cent pay rise for nurses and doctors, allowing Alex Neil, Scottish secretary for health and wellbeing, to promise to honour proposed pay rise for Scottish NHS staff. 1-0.

On Monday the Scottish Secretary was replaced with less than a year to go before the referendum. 2-0.

I can imagine Alistair Darling in the No campaign headquarters using a quote by Private Frazer from Dad’s Army: “We’re doomed.”

If the people of Scotland vote Yes in next year’s referendum, so be it.

However, the outcome should be based on a consideration of all the arguments by the people of Scotland, and not decided by default on which side scored fewest own goals.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street