Poor regulation

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Poor supervision by the health quango the Care Quality commission allows alternative therapy clinics to mislead desperate cancer sufferers into paying for unproved “cures”.

Terminally-ill patients pay up to £18,000 for “light bed and sonar treatment”, which quack doctors claim is more effective than chemotherapy and will “break down tumours”. This is the kind of New Age nonsense that Sally Roberts was spouting when she went on the run with her son Neon to prevent NHS doctors giving the child conventional treatment (your reports).

It took a High Court judge to rule in favour of medical experts and the father, who were insisting the child should be treated with state-of-the-art procedures.

While Ms Roberts has been much criticised for her behaviour, she should not have to shoulder all the blame and the Care Quality commission should get on and do its job.

Dr John Cameron

Howard Place
St Andrews, Fife