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The “first televised political head-to-head of the independence debate” is excellently analysed by Alf Young, (Perspective, 18 May). However, it can’t be assumed by the political cognoscenti that many people will have watched and listened.

It would be interesting to know the “engagement rate”, ie the proportion of the electorate watching. Hopefully, the viewing figures for Scotland Tonight’s independence debate exceeded the 30-40 per cent turnout for local elections. Arguably no matter what “techniques of persuasion” the Yes and No campaigns use, people can still choose “disengagement”.

Apparently, “manufacturing or engineering” people’s attitudes that translate into voting isn’t all that simple or straightforward. Take for example the distraction of the constantly turning logo of Scotland Tonight in your picture. If the “medium is the message”, then this is the paradigm “turn off”.

Ellis Thorpe

Old Chapel Walk

Inverurie, Aberdeenshire