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Pro-independence campaigners espouse the benefits of Holyrood over Westminster regarding governance.

However, while Westminster is keen on holding independent inquiries Holyrood is markedly reluctant.

Thus Holyrood refuses to hold an independent inquiry into the premature release of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, who failed to die after three months but eventually died 30 months after release from prison.

Holyrood failed to hold an independent inquiry into how Bill Walker was allowed to become an MSP despite the SNP being warned of his history of spousal abuse.

Now, post-referendum Holyrood will no doubt fail to hold an independent inquiry into the cost to government and governance of the independence referendum.

What has been the effect on the Scottish economy of the referendum? Apart from the sale of Saltires, has the retail sector been dampened or increased by the uncertainty of the outcome of it?

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street