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I SEE in your editorial (28 August) that it is hoped that tourists and the local community will prosper from a viewing platform and access to the north span of the Forth Bridge.

As chairman of the Forth Bridge Centenary celebrations in 1990, my colleagues and I had a most inspired offer of a viewing platform and access tower for which we got planning approval only to be attacked by the new Health and Safety Executive who had the ingenuity to suggest that a ship, laden with the products of Mossmorran, might wreck as it left its terminal at Braefoot Bay and the poisonous gases would float upstream and possibly kill the visitors to the bridge viewing platform.

There was no time for the whole thing to be debated so we had, sadly, to forgo the construction.

There was, however, one gloriously redeeming factor when some of my committee and I visited the new lift put in to the Eiffel Tower in Paris to see how it could be adapted for the Forth Bridge. The managing director turned to a blackboard in his office and, with a great sweeping movement chalked the three great spans of the bridge and said: “Magnifique.” As a result, we had our logo.

Let us hope the new suggestion is successful.

Lord Elgin


Dunfermline, Fife