Planning outrage

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I agree with John Birkett (Letters, 8 April) that wind turbines seem another example of taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich. Many aspects of how this has been achieved are so unlike the probity that was the rock of Scottish public life.

By establishing a system of planning appeals, the government has been able to overrule planning professionals and public opinion in a way unheard of in other walks of life. If another group of professionals had one in three of their decisions overturned by none other than one of their promoted fellow members, there would be outcry.

That promoted planner would not have a job if he agreed with his fellow professional planners, so for his own personal gainful employment, he has to disagree with his erstwhile colleagues a necessary number of times.

The original professional 
decisions have been backed up by elected members of councils, supported usually by large numbers of local objections. That this situation exists in a democratic country is unbelievable.

Celia Hobbs

Peebles Road