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Few comments attract more flack than questioning the worth of the modern Higher exams and it is, of course, unfair to the children who are celebrating this year’s results (your report, 7 August).

I taught maths and physics for many years and I am sure my top students were as smart and diligent as my generation – but in no way were there five times as many of them!

Grade inflation is not just a media conspiracy, and Durham University spoke for most educators when it suggested that an A pass in 2009 was worth a C pass in 1980.

When a large population is involved, as in a national examination, generations are pretty much the same and the argument for “grading on the curve” seems irresistible.

Princeton, the great Ivy League university, decided to tackle the problem by awarding a set percentage of A, B and C passes and Scotland should consider doing the same.

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews