Pensions plot

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I am sure my old friend Jim ­Haynes (Letters, 15 May) will not be surprised to learn he was not the only American living in Edin­burgh at that time who was said to be an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency.

There were the odd occasions when I felt like putting my hands in the air and confessing to my accuser that, indeed, I was. Adding, having admitted the truth, I should now have to kill them. To this day some friends still find it amusing to make this accusation at me.

I wish Jim every luck with the two productions he is bringing to Edinburgh for the Festival. Could I suggest we get together to write a joint letter to Langley, home for so many years of our supposed place of employment, requesting director John Owen Brennan to pay our pensions. These are seriously overdue.

Then, I am reluctant, because I well remember at the age of 15, before arriving in Scotland, James Jesus Angleton briefing me. He said I should do it for my country and the shirt. On second thoughts, Jim, let’s do it for the pension we both so richly deserve.

Bob Cuddihy

Constitution Street