Overworked GPs

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The article on GPs’ workloads (8 March) highlights a serious problem. I have been a GP 
for more than 30 years and have seen a rapid rise in workload over the past few years, to a point when it is just not sustainable. The causes are many, from the complexities of cases we now deal with, to the activities of Atos in the benefits sector – but underlying this is the fact that there is not enough income to take on extra staff.

The core of the problem is that since 2003 we have been lumbered with a GP contract that was designed for England and which does not reflect the different nature of general practice north of the Border.

Until this is accepted and ­addressed, the slide will continue and that much over-used word, crisis, will actually happen.

We need urgent action but, as it seems the best health secretary Alex Neil can do is to carry out a survey, I am not holding my breath.

(Dr) Sandy