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The Damascene conversion of Mark Lynas, a leading opponent of GM crops (your report, 7 January), is the most significant ­environmental moment since David Bellamy denounced climate hysteria.

At the height of panic caused by Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, Bellamy attacked the wind farm blight and uttered the heresy: “Global warming is the purest poppycock.”

Though he was an expert in the field, he was sacked as ­president of the Wildlife Trust and the BBC’s climate committee ensured he made no more documentaries.

Now Lynas has admitted to the Oxford Farming Conference that his opposition to GM food lacked any scientific basis and that the world needs such crops to avoid famine.

He observed that after 20 years and five trillion meals no trace of harm had been found – but I doubt that will save him from the wrath to come from our deep-green believers.

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place

St Andrews