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I am surprised that Prime Minister David Cameron feels the need to employ Jim Messina, President Obama’s campaign manager, to boost the Conservative Party’s chances at the next election (your report, 6 August).

We keep hearing about how the tide has turned; how we are coming out of the recession.

And with the Labour Party in the doldrums, what on earth is there to worry about?

Does the Prime Minister have such a low opinion of himself and his party?

Or could the real issue be Scottish independence?

How ironic it would be if someone from America, where independence is treasured, helped thwart Scotland’s own noble aspiraton of self-determination while celebrating every 4 July independence day.

Mr Cameron should put his hopes only on the opinion of the British people, and stand or fall under his own performance.

No need to go wheedling to foreigners for assistance. It’s called self-respect.

Robert Gritton