Our squalid city

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Walking back from Calton Hill on Saturday, I was struck, again, by the stunning beauty of our capital city – from about half a metre above the ground, that is.

Below that level it is grubby, with broken and cheaply patched pavements, litter and horrid, overflowing bins (this is a clue – there are not nearly enough of these). I hope the council won’t even think of pleading lack of funds – the city was heaving with tourists spending money when not taking photos.

No European or Nordic town of any size would dream of allowing this squalor to shame it.

There should be operatives on the principal streets throughout the day, cleaning up on the spot and emptying bins, etc. This puts money in their pockets. They feel happy, we feel happy, and more pride in our capital, just as it should be in a proper country.

David Roche