Organ donation

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It is regrettable that Bill Mair misrepresents the position of the Free Church of Scotland on organ donation in his ill-informed rant (Letters, 10 January).

Far from opposing organ 
donation, we are very much in favour and commend the Scottish Government’s publicity drive over the past few years to help raise awareness and change public behaviour.

We would also like to see more specialist nurses in hospitals, as well as better education in schools on this important issue.

We do not believe that Anne McTaggart’s proposals to move to an opt-out system will increase the number of organ donors over the long term, as has already been evidenced in other countries.

As Rev Dr Donald MacDonald, a former surgeon, originally said (“Organ donor plan ‘is like a tax on bodies’”, 9 January), organ donation should be about deliberate and informed giving, instead of medical teams assuming it’s OK to take parts from our bodies. Silence is not consent.

Gordon Bell

The Free Church of