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Well, now we know. Mary ­McCabe (Letters, 17 July) claims Trident is an “icon of British ­nationalism”.

It is not, then, the means by which Ms McCabe and her ­fellow Scottish Nationalists and those others on the fringes of politics can freely voice any opinion in a free society without fear or favour.

It is not the continuation of the deterrent that kept this country from being overrun by Stalinist Communism in the post-war years; it is not the weapon that would make even the most crazed opponent with the means to deliver an attack on this country desist.

It is not what, in conjunction with the United States, has given Britain and Europe and the world decade after decade of unprecedented peace and ­stability, unspoiled by world wars, and a subsequent increase in living standards undreamt-of in the first half of the last century.

Not forgetting the fact that it keeps many more than 10,000 Scots in work.

Where I agree with the ­unilateralists and pacifists and Scottish Nationalists is that it is a horrible thing, although they seem to miss the central point that it is designed never to be used. I long for the day every nuclear weapon on the face of the Earth can be safely and multilaterally destroyed with absolute certainty. But to give it up now, unilaterally – the declared policy of the SNP – is lunacy.

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg