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I didn’t vote in the referendum, but I took great interest in the surrounding debate, and it seemed to me that fear of the unknown was a decisive factor. Even the stated aim of a more equal society with greater participation by the public couldn’t overcome that.

So the Westminster political elite is encouraged to flaunt its arrogant self-indulgence.

Consider Speaker John Bercow’s decision to attend an MP’s funeral in Manchester. Even without his massive salary, most people would have paid their own way, but Bercow racked up a taxpayers’ bill of £1,215.

Having declared it an official engagement, as Speaker he was entitled to be accompanied by two officials, in this case his assistant secretary and the Speaker’s chaplain.

Attendance at a church ­service the evening before the funeral meant an overnight stay for all three, while frequent taxi journeys added some £500 to the total.

I find it hard to imagine what official duties these two accompanying “officials” carried out in this affair; maybe it was their job to organise the taxis and hotel.

I consider this to be a calculated insult to the taxpaying public, many of whom are having pay freezes imposed on them by the same government which allows it.

No sign of austerity for some.

Robert Dow

Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian