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I refer to your report (20 June) regarding former members of the armed services in our jails.

Your report states that “the number of war veterans in Scots jails jumps 40 per cent rising from 139 in 2012 to 191 in 2013”.

Although it is encouraging and right that these statistics should be monitored, the article uses various terminologies that tend to confuse what and who is being talked about.

The term “war veterans” (which suggest those who have been in harm’s way) is used in the headline, but then it talks about “the number of ex-servicemen”, that is, all those who have served, but not necessarily in combat conditions.

Later in the article it is suggested that “many veterans across Scotland carry hidden psychological injuries following their military service”.

I am sure this is indeed the case and that such veterans require and deserve the support given by organisations such as Combat Stress.

However, there is a danger in interpreting the statistics in a way which suggest that all veterans currently in jail are there because of their service; and I would suggest that although this may be the case for some, it will not be for all.

Bob Bertram

Main Street

Pathhead, Midlothian