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IT TRULY beggars belief: Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond waves a Saltire in response to Scotsman Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory, and for two days The Scotsman newspaper devotes the opening section of its letters page to hysterical vituperations (Letters, 9 and 10 July).

Mr Salmond’s behaviour is “crass”, “childish”, “disgraceful”, “shameless”; he has made a “grubby, elbowing attempt at attention-grabbing”, pulled a “cringe-inducing publicity stunt” and even “brought our country into disrepute”: what utter rubbish. 

We know all too well that the mere sight of Mr Salmond’s face or the sound of his voice is enough to render some of your readers incapable of rational thought, but this is surely beyond the limit.

One thing is certain, in any event: the letter-writer who thinks that Mr Salmond’s Saltire-waving has “surely lost him numerous votes” is wrong. The people who are trumpeting their outrage at Mr Salmond’s action would not have voted for him under any circumstances. The rest of us base our voting intentions on serious considerations.

Derrick McClure

Rosehill Terrace


While not having personal experience of the Tardis-like qualities of women’s handbags, I do know that many often carry a spare item of clothing in case of a fashion hiccup.

Also having often watched the supermarket checkout ritual of “The Search for the Purse” I realise that sometimes finding that right item is not always speedy. We should, therefore, congratulate Moira Salmond for her efficiency in finding the right item in the heat of the Wimbledon men’s final. The sight of Mr Salmond waving a pair of tights behind David Cameron would not have had the same effect otherwise.

Bruce D Skivington


Gairloch, Wester Ross

With regard to the ongoing rumblings about the Scottish Saltire being shown 
at the All England Tennis Club on Sunday, when the Union Flag was the politically correct emblem, we should pause, and ponder what the scene and BBC commentary would have been like if an Englishman had won.

Irvine Inglis

Reston, Berwickshire