Oil strike a bit rich

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An overtime ban and work-to-rule by workers employed by Ineos threatens not only the future of the company, but the economy (your report, 7 October).

These workers, at Scotland’s only oil refinery, have also threatened an all-out strike over the alleged treatment of union official Stevie Deans.

An all-out strike could have a serious effect on domestic power supplies and could cost Britain millions of pounds every day.

It would also close the BP Forties pipeline.

Ineos is claiming that the refinery is losing £10 million every month so I would have thought a quick agreement is essential with the Unite union.

The average wages of those employed by Ineos and that of the man at the top at Unite should be made public.

The public will be astounded at the high level of wages, especially that of the top union official, and any public sympathy would quickly evaporate.

This information should be made available for all these destructive strikes and may lead to a quicker solution.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road