Of love and loss

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I would like to say how much I agreed with your reviewer Gina Cormac who recommended Those Loved and Loving Faces by Marlena Frick (Books, 1 June).

As she said, it is a very 
moving memoir of love and loss and what love costs us, but it is also about learning to be grateful for what we have known, even sorrow, for sorrow can bring self-knowledge.

Sooner or later we all lose someone we love dearly and can get so lost in despair that we wonder if life is worth going
on without the one we love 
beside us. Ms Frick’s book shows us that it is possible to survive with our love of life still intact and our spirit unbowed.

She has had to face up to the deaths of the three great loves in her life. That she has done so without bitterness or self-pity is impressive.

A widow myself, I am grateful for her willingness to share her experiences so frankly with the rest of us.

It is a beautifully articulated portrait of human emotion that has made me cry but is so full of spirit and hope that it has left me comforted and encouraged.


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