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David Robertson (Letters, 16 November) believes that without religious state schools, irreligion will be forced on children.

I do not see how the non-
promotion of religion by a public service equates to imposing irreligion. My local NHS surgery does not promote religion, but does not prevent access to it either.

Unfortunately, many parents think they must have a publicly funded school that promotes their particular supernatural beliefs, even though churches and home instruction are available.

Mr Robertson sees an ideologically divided education system as a “free marketplace of ideas”, but in a marketplace, people don’t expect others to pay for goods they select for their own use only. Taxpayers fund state education because they benefit from the skills, knowledge and creativity it nurtures, but a child’s belief in God is neither skill, knowledge, creative, nor of any proven benefit to the taxpayer.

Robert Canning

The Scottish Secular Society

Broughton Street, Edinburgh