Nuclear policy

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Brian Wilson (Perspective, 23 October) is correct in saying that in making a deal with the French EDF and their Chinese partners, we are paying the price for our own stupidity.

The last nuclear power station built in the UK was 20 years ago, and for much of the intervening period the Labour Party was in power.

Brian Wilson was a minister in that government, in favour of nuclear, but unable to persuade his more senior colleagues to act.

When Labour did announce new nuclear plans in 2008-9, nine sites were identified, none in Scotland.

Either we were a low priority for new nuclear or else the 
government at Westminster feared SNP and Green opposition to development here.

The SNP was a minority government at the time. It is inconceivable that Labour did not believe that it would soon be returned to power in Scotland, and quite able, perhaps with Conservative backing, to push through UK plans for new-build at Hunterston or elsewhere.

I am glad he mentions the EDF-supported research at Strathclyde. When energy policy is in Scottish hands, I hope a Scottish Government will bring forward proposals for a more modern type of nuclear reactor than proposed for Hinkley Point, capable of using as fuel our own and some of the UK’s so-called nuclear waste.

Norman Lawrie

Newton Port

Haddington, East Lothian