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IN RESPONSE to Niall Stuart’s claim of popular support for renewables over other fuel sources (Letters, 31 March), I would suggest that most people would probably state a preference for roast beef over salad. Most nutritionists would advise on the necessity of a mixed diet for good health.

The trouble is that Scotland does not appear to have an able nutritionist in charge of its energy policy but a great number of individual organisations, like that of Mr Stuart, vying for a share of the dripping roast of renewables.

If Mr Stuart paid due heed to these pages alone he would, or should, be aware that the opposition to wind farms stems very largely from the conception that they are pretty useless.

There is no way that Scotland can have a 100 per cent reliance on renewables for electricity by 2020 or by any other date. The Scottish Government panic over the threatened early closure of Longannet is a pretty clear indication of this.

If we want to quickly get away from the dirtiest fuel, coal, then we need more gas generation. If we want a reliable on-demand non-carbon source to provide the essential back-up for renewables then there is but one option, nuclear.

Dr A McCormick

Kirkland Road

Terregles, Dumfries