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As a banknote collector and regular visitor to your great city, I make a point on each visit 
of going to a Royal Bank of 
Scotland branch in order to take out a quantity of £1 notes, which I then take pleasure in spending during my stay in Scotland. 
What I noticed on my most recent visit was the considerable doubt and suspicion with which many retailers now treat the £1 note – indeed one newsagent flatly (illegally) refused to take the notes in payment for a copy of your newspaper.

I know the latest (and probably last) 2001 series of £1 notes has the reviled Goodwin signature on it, but this is still a legal tender note and I cannot help feeling that RBS ought to be making it clear to retailers that they are required to accept these.

Meantime, in this momentous year in Scotland’s history, I would urge all those with a sense of their banking heritage to follow my example.

Every RBS branch still has stocks of the £1 note and my experience is that cashiers are quite happy to issue them.

gareth David



This week I found a wallet. I phoned up Bank of Scotland to report it found as it contained a Bank of Scotland card.

The guy took the details before asking me to cancel the card. I told him that I was not a bank and I cannot cancel cards. What a laugh!

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street