Not another Rebus

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I thought it was groundhog day when I picked up yesterday’s Scotsman and read the front page. Here we go again: Rebus is back!

The detective who makes Status Quo look positively cherubic is about to re-map those well-worn Edinburgh streets looking for a body count.

This hard-living cop should be accompanied by a Zimmer frame, such are the ravages of time on his gnarly body.

There is a serious point to this. Why are well-off writers and, to the same extent, TV and radio presenters always so afraid to retire? They have made ample sums peddling their wares. Isn’t it time for new voices to be allowed an opportunity, instead of the same old scribblers?

Why are publishers and TV commissioners so afraid to open up and explore new writing that isn’t all about serial killers and the brutalisation of women and why do so-called retired presenters (Terry Wogan and Kate Adie to name but two) never want to let go of that microphone?

After six years of austerity these people typify the ladder-up mentality of the self-interested.

Not content with a well-paid and highly successful career they continue long into their so-called retirement hoovering up money that would be better spent on supporting, encouraging and nurturing new talent while allowing wealth to be more evenly spread throughout society.

I don’t expect it to happen any time soon but while I’m waiting might I suggest Gandalf as the next Rebus?

David Cruickshanks

Weavers Crescent