Norway a success

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Those of us living outside of Scotland should perhaps not get involved in the Scottish ­independence campaign.

However, after more than 25 years in Norway I find many of the dire threats about what independence will mean for 
Scotland both irritating and 

In 1905, Norway voted for independence from Sweden and became an independent nation for the first time in more than 400 years.

We can be sure that there were many voices that warned about political chaos and economic ruin.

Norway has twice voted against joining the European Union.

Both times the two biggest political parties in Norway warned of enormous loss of jobs and economic problems. Does this sound familiar?

The EU still wants Norway as a member, and it will want an independent Scotland. 
Capital invests where there is political stability and where it can earn profit, and Scotland, like ­Norway, will be attractive not least because of its natural ­resources. Scotland’s strategic position will also guarantee a positive attitude from Nato.

Better together for whom? For the Conservative Party it is the English economy and for Labour the need for Scottish MPs. Why not be honest instead of saying that Scotland will be worse off?

If, however, an independent Scotland decides to say No to the EU then I am sure that it will be welcome to join Norway in EFTA, one of the advantages of which is having control over our own fishing resources.

Alastair Brown