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I resent being regaled by someone else’s music everywhere I go. There is now no escape from piped music (Lori Anderson, Perspective, 22 February).

The fact that Selfridges has considered it advantageous to create a quiet space for its customer presents a challenge to other shops and restaurants that continually bombard their customers with piped music.

It is now virtually impossible to shop in silence anywhere on the high street and, having a hearing defect, I am now converted to shopping online.

While the creation of a silent room in Selfridges is commendable, I recognise that Lori Anderson (and likely others) would be unlikely to make use of this facility but at least they have a choice – shoppers who do not like piped music do not!

Alan McKinney

Beauchamp Road


I am puzzled that Selfridges has decided to remove iconic labels from packaging and create a meditation room. Surely a cheaper and more effective way of introducing a “No Noise” campaign would be simply to turn off the loud music which pollutes the store.

D A Lewis

Paisley Avenue