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Robert Dow complains (Smoking “Facts”, Letters 28 August) that last year 75 per cent of Ash
Scotland’s expenditure was on staff salaries. He does not explain why that is a problem or what he feels we should be spending money on.

Most of our money is indeed spent on people working to
improve health in Scotland. Our offices are rather plain, we travel by standard-class public transport and we do not woo MPs with lavish, expenses-paid jollies (as the tobacco industry does).

As it happens, Ash Scotland recently underwent an independent review by an external business consultancy, as part of our funding arrangements.

The researchers praised the organisation for its “strong
vision”, “working effectively with a wide range of partners and alliances”, “strong governance” and “effective decision-making processes”. They
concluded that our work is both effective and good value for money. The full report is on the front page of our website, for
anyone who wishes to read it.

Sheila Duffy

Chief Executive 
Ash Scotland