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Because of the two-party system espoused by the US for its elections, after the closely run current election, nearly half of the country will wake up today feeling robbed and betrayed –and in no mood to co-operate with the other half for the next four years.

That’s what happens when an electorate has only two choices – the form of the election precludes the country ever being united.

Will the simple act of putting the referendum question to the people do the same to Scotland? Some elements of the SNP have already indicated that if the referendum is lost they will be back – in spite of their promise that this was a “once in a lifetime event” – within two years for another try.

Will the “ayes” and the “naes” be at each others’ throats for the rest of recorded time?

The sad fact is that the Dear Leader’s ambition to unite Scotland under a single and separate national structure may well result in its permanent and irrevocable division.

For the good of our country, maybe we shouldn’t even put the question to the test.

David Fiddimore

Mubarrak Villas

Kuwait City