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Irvine Inglis (Letters, 13 August) criticises me for not agreeing with Lesley Riddoch’s demand in her recent piece that we park the currency argument and get on with the “real” debate. I do not have an issue with Mr Inglis having his view; what I do have an issue with is his claim to the moral high ground, taken by virtually all of the Yes camp, that they are seeking to build a “shining new country” while the Better Together supporters are nothing but “scared”, “negative” and “distracting” from the issue.

Mr Inglis ought to understand that I, like the rest of the No ­voters, also wish fervently for a successful, prosperous and fair Scotland.

We believe that we already have a “shining” country and the best way to ensure its continuance is within one of the most successful and enduring unions of nations there ever has been.

We are a key part of that Union and not the downtrodden vassal state that the Yes ­campaign tries to tell us we are.

The Yes advocates need to ­understand that the fear that they accuse others of is a valuable asset: it is what stops us from jumping in front of trains and off cliffs.

I do not agree with Mr Inglis that the many unresolved, vital issues around such as currency/fiscal policy, EU membership, defence, border security would be satisfactorily resolved sufficiently well, post-18 September, to the extent that my country’s interests would be improved. That is why I will vote No.

David K Allan


East Lothian