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The recent letters concerning the politically-correct implications of the Remembrance Day service (Letters, 11 November) conflict with my experience on Sunday morning.

I was in Gatwick airport, when, at 10:55, a tannoy announcement was made, inviting everyone to observe a two-minute silence at 11.00. I felt a sense of trepidation, sensing an opportunity for those who, for whatever reason, would wish to show disrespect.

Just before 11:00, the announcement was repeated and immediately followed by the chimes of Big Ben. To my amazement, the teeming airport concourse came to a halt. Service at the food and retail outlets was suspended, and those seated rose to their feet, to stand in respectful silence until the 11:02 announcement was made to thank us.

The fact that in that crowd of many nationalities and, presumably of diverse political persuasions and of all faiths and none, people briefly united in a simple gesture of respect was quite simply uplifting.

Walter J Allan

Colinton Mains Drive