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I did ask in a previous letter if Andrew HN Gray would care to comment on who would be likely to wish to attack Scotland in the foreseeable future. Mr Gray (Letters, 10 July) responds with Pakistan and North Korea.

Is he serious? Neither country possesses the means to assault Scotland and, furthermore, why would they wish to do so?

Pakistan is a Third World country with a modest nuclear capability. North Korea is a country governed apparently by a 
dictator with a rather less modest nuclear capability.

Neither has the means of
delivery at such a range. Iran is unstable and seems to be developing a nuclear capability, but it also lacks the range.

Terrorism is the danger. Terrorists are by nature unpredictable and obviously, in a matter of Scottish defence, this must be the major concern.

As I said before, special forces, the police and intelligence are required for this. The fact is that there is currently no foreseeable threat to Scotland from any other nation in either nuclear or conventional terms and no-one has so far been able to identify one.

Scotland will have a defence force commensurate to its size and needs, in the same way that every other nation has defence forces commensurate to their abilities and needs.

I would expect a Scottish 
Government to co-operate with our European neighbours including the former UK, and to take a full part in United Nations’ operations as required.

R Mill Irving

Station Road

Gifford, East Lothian