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Both David Hollingdale and Henry Kinloch (Letters, 24 
November) appear to be 
affirmed No voters, and both extol, implicitly or explicitly, some economic argument that Scotland would be financially worse off if independent.

The rush north by Westminster party leaders prior to the 18 September referendum poll poses a contradiction here, because if Scotland was/is better off economically for being in the Union, why did the three amigo leaders promise more devolved financial and other powers if Scotland voted No?

Surely it must be that devolving power from what is an 
already economically secure 
position for Scotland within the Union, would imperil that 

As for Mr Hollingdale doubting any impact on the undecided electorate by the visit of the three amigos, I don’t recall many letters from No supporters discounting their visit and/or dismissing the vows for more devolved powers from the visitors prior to the 18 September poll.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive