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Oops! When a correspondent (Thomas R Burgess, 12 November) finds it necessary to quote my name three times in a letter I know I have touched a nerve.

I happen to agree with him that the SNP could find no better leadership candidate than Nicola Sturgeon, but that doesn’t alter the fact that an elected leader should have more authority than one whose beatification is unopposed, and, if given the choice, Ms Sturgeon would have probably elected for a contest over a coronation – go on, ask her.

And I am afraid that when things get rocky for her (as inevitably they will, sooner or later) rivals within the SNP may use this against her – politics is a treacherous business.

Apart from that, I observed that there were, encouragingly, at least two candidates with experience outwith politics standing in Scottish Labour’s leadership contests, and hoped for a passionate debate to produce a strong leader with progressive and inclusive policies – something I would wish for any political party.

I am left wondering exactly what Mr Burgess found so objectionable about my opinion and what on earth he is afraid of.

David Fiddimore

Calton Road