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David Robertson (Letters, 11 November) suggests I am confused over creationism and Intelligent Design. Not so.

Once more, the Reverend accuses me of trying to remove Christianity from the education system. Yet again, I have to point out this is not the case as I want to see pupils taught about religious beliefs in state schools. But the sad reality is they are force-fed one set of beliefs as fact, in both the denominational and misnamed non-denominational sectors, as well as discriminated against in admissions either because their parents do not have a faith or the right sort of faith.

This is the reality of Christianity in the education system of which Rev Robertson heartily approves – segregation, discrimination and indoctrination. To simply state disagreement with him on the subject is to render one a “militant atheist” or “fundamentalist secularist”.

Oh well. If nothing else, his (forthcoming) tenure as Moderator of the Free Church is likely to provide your letters pages with much to and fro.

Alistair McBay

National Secular Society