No arms to rebels

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The idea that Foreign Secretary William Hague and his French counterpart have been putting forward to send arms to the ­Syrian rebels is sheer madness (your reports, 28 May).

The so-called rebels contain al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nousra fighters. One of their commanders, Abu Sakkar, recently committed an act of cannibalism by ripping out the heart of a Syrian solider and biting it. These are the most fanatical anti-western Islamists in the world.

The Syrian rebels are terrorist and killers. If the UK government uses taxpayers’ money to give them weapons and training, it is inevitable those weapons will be used by terrorists against us. This is exactly what happened on 11 September, 2001 when Osama bin Laden used the networks he was able to build when the US/UK backed him in war against the Soviets.

The UK government has a long and largely forgotten history of allying itself with Islamic fundamentalists against secular governments in the Arab and Muslim world. The UK government has given money and arms to groups in Libya, the Balkans, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Egypt and Indonesia. We should not be giving any arms to Islamist killers.

Alan Hinnrichs

2 Gillespie Terrace