NHS scare tactics

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Colin Weatherley and Dougie Jamieson (Letters, 18 and 20 October respectively) both take issue with my reference to the late ­introduction into the pre-referendum debate of assertions made about the NHS which (as I see it) was nothing more than a scaremongering stunt for which there was and is no basis in fact.

That remains my position.

Messrs Weatherley and Jamieson both quote the opinion of one person, Prof Alysson Pollock, as support for the contention that the Health and Social Care Act 2012 could have adverse long- term consequences for the NHS in Scotland – and that is precisely what it is – opinion, not fact, based on supposition and conjecture and an opinion with which I and I am sure many, many others do not agree.

The NHS, very dear to everyone’s heart, is fully devolved and any decisions about funding, promotion and strategy lie with the Scottish Government.

Alan W Sharp

Strachan Road