New state rules

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In reply to Bob Taylor (Letters, 18 June), imagine what the constitution of Italy would have looked like if it had been written by Silvio Berlusconi. Similarly with a Scottish Constitution written by Alex Salmond:

1. The First Minister will never apologise or admit to being wrong ever;

2. No SNP minister will ever be criticised either in office and for 30 years after leaving office;

3. If the Cabinet secretary for health and wellbeing says that all doctors and nurses working in Scotland are totally dedicated all the time and that no patient is ever neglected in a Scottish NHS hospital then it is true;

4. Margaret Thatcher is recognised as the sole cause of alcoholism in Scotland;

5. No convicted terrorist will remain in prison for more than eight and a half years no matter how heinous their crime;

6. The Cabinet secretary for finance will remain locked in Queensberry House and is forbidden from answering questions on economics/finance;

7. Scottish youths are not allowed to visit London or travel to England until after their 32nd birthday;

8. From 2016 Nicola Sturgeon must appear in every photograph taken in Scotland.

Neil Sinclair

Clarence Street