Naval challenges

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In responding to my letter of 29 June, I do wonder if James A Duncan (Letters, 30 July) is aware that Norway is having significant trouble manning any more than two of its five (Spanish-built) Fridtjof Nansen class frigates and was considering hiring officers from the Netherlands and/or the Royal Navy to help out.

Of course neither they, nor any of the other Scandic armed forces he mentions, have to start from scratch or compete for manpower with a neighbour that can offer far more in terms of challenge and career diversity.

His letter also reminds me of my frontline command involvement in the Beirut non-combatant evacuation in 2006 where the UK rapidly withdrew its citizens to safety using an assault ship, two destroyers and two frigates, while Norway had to instead charter merchant ships before they could even start.

When the air raid sirens are sounding, I know which choice I would prefer.

Angus Young

(Lt Cdr Royal Navy, Rtd)

Edward Drive