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THOMAS Burgess has excelled himself this time with his latest contribution to debate (Letters, 18 November).

Even making allowances for what I construe as his extreme nationalist views, I found his outrageous rant attacking professors for daring to express their opinions both sinister and chilling.

It conjured up images of the persecution of academics in many totalitarian Communist states where they were hounded and killed for speaking out against the state and had their books destroyed.

Donald Lewis

Gifford, East Lothian

I was given a new perspective by Thomas Burgess (Letters, 18 November) who accused some academics of being nasty bullies because they dared stand up to a minister who has been trying to question their freedom of ­expression.

In common with most people, I had always assumed that the onward march of liberties which the British state has given to us includes the ability to object when those in power attempt to silence us, as seems to be the separatists’ plan.

We have seen accusations that those who defend the Union are “supposed Scots”, or “anti-Scots”; a baying flash-mob intimidating Nigel Farage; hectoring and threatening cybernats on websites. These are the realities of the separatists’ approach to their anti-Union onslaught. Clearly, those of a Nationalist leaning consider that those who are not in power should shut up, do as they are told and be restricted in their freedom of speech.

However, one cannot deny that Mr Burgess has a sense of humour. He regards comments made by those who oppose the destruction of the Union as being negative. Alice through the Looking Glass must be required ­Nationalist reading.

Andrew HN Gray