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I take seriously William Ballantine’s cautionary advice (Letters, 21 July) to be wary of “ethnic nationalism”, but respectfully disagree that it’s as simple as he describes it – that “anyone who chooses to live here can be Scottish”.

My original letter (17 July) asked whether a residency requirement of a number of years living in Scotland before entitlement to vote – at least on constitutional matters – might not be a good idea. I am open to rational debate, but no respondent has addressed this.

On the other hand, I don’t know whether to be pleased or scared that Andrew HN Gray (Letters, 21 July) has been keeping tabs on me.

It looks like he is referring to a letter years ago in which I said I was as intensely proud of my Irish (and before that Norman French) forebears, and American grandmother as I was of my English son-in law, Swedish daughter-in-law, and – how long have you got? – delightful bilingual grandchildren.

I need no lectures on temperance in matters of national pride and identity from the perennial Mr Angry of your columns. “Flush with embarrassment”?

Nope. I do flush with anger sometimes at the way my country has been – and continues to be – treated under English hegemony (aka the Union), but, in my 70s, am thrilled to know that better times for Scotland are in sight.

David Roche

Coupar Angus

Perth and Kinross