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READING Lesley Riddoch’s ­article (Perspective, 26 November) and Ron Greer’s response (Letters, 27 November) reminded me of the campaign a few years ago to ­reduce the number of councils in Scotland.

Given the equation of councils and politicians with everything bad, it was not surprising that many respondents eagerly agreed that we should “get rid of” the councils. However, they also wanted “their own council” – ie, the former burgh – back. Given that before 1975 there were something like 200-300 burgh councils, as well as 37 county councils, there will clearly be a difficulty in reconciling these two contradictory wishes.

Incidentally, I believe Norway has one elected councillor for every 100 households; in Scotland it is more like one per 3,000.

Jane Ann Liston

Whitehill Terrace

Largo Road

St Andrews