Moray’s buses

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I would like to clear up an important point regarding your recent story about bus service changes in Moray (“Bus company blames budget cuts for service revisions”, 2 October). The statement from Moray Council in the article was extremely misleading.

The reality is that Moray Council contracted bus operators in the area to operate bus services on its behalf, in exactly the same way that the council might contract a waste management company or cleaning company to carry out a service.

The council has now taken the decision to cut its investment in local bus services from £300,000 per year to zero, and has decided not to continue with those bus contracts. The subsequent changes to those bus services are a direct result of the council’s decision.

Perhaps, instead of trying to pass the buck to bus operators, Moray Council could explain to local people why it no longer places any importance on investing in local bus services in the area.

Steve Walker

Stagecoach North Scotland