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Richard Lucas (Letters, 17 January) sees another step towards persecution of Christians in the European Court of Human Rights rulings against Lillian Ladele and Gary McFarlane.

Ladele and McFarlane were dismissed not for being Christians or for objecting to homosexual relationships but for refusing to serve customers: a stance that could lead to dismissal for any public servant.

Their former employers have a legal commitment to equality and a right to expect all employees to co-operate in fulfilling that.

Moreover, it is hypocritical to use the argument that another employee can fill in for the objector. If Ladele and McFarlane believe it is morally wrong to officiate at same-sex unions and give sex counselling to homosexuals, then they must believe it is still wrong when other people do it.

If I had a job which required me to do something I considered immoral, I would leave the job rather than request that my colleagues commit my share of the immoral actions.

Robert Canning

Secular Scotland

Broughton Street