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Brendan Corkery (Letters,
19 July) misunderstands my position on independence, which is that I oppose it for a whole raft of reasons. But he specifically misunderstands the point I made about quantitative easing, which is that the bankers simply kept what amounted to £6,000 for every person in the UK, for their own benefit. He further misunderstands my point that Alex Salmond wishes to hang on to the millstone of this banking system in his so-called independent Scotland, which means that the bankers will run Scotland as they now run the UK and the United States because they create the money supply from thin air, at interest, to finance inevitable government deficits, and to lend to individuals in any amount they choose and for any purpose they choose, which causes market distortions, such as house price bubbles.

Any country wishing to be independent has a golden opportunity to be rid of the global bankers, and to create and issue its own money supply, debt free, and in proportion to the real assets and wealth of the country and, therefore, actually control its own economy, as opposed to the bankers controlling it.

It is that opportunity that Alex Salmond fails to understand, hence just one reason for my No vote.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross