Misery line

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As a resident in the Haymarket area with 50 years’ construction experience, I have observed progress on the Princes Street West End to Haymarket section of the tramworks during the past ten months with dismay and, at times, sheer disbelief.

It is clear that unsatisfactory levels of organisation, continuity and drive are being applied to this most disruptive section of works in order to reduce timescales to an absolute minimum.

Meanwhile, traffic diversions continue to cause massive financial hardship to shopkeepers while all but destroying the residential environment of those most affected. We are led to believe that this may go on for a further year, or perhaps longer, which is frankly outrageous.

Compare the capital’s progress with construction of the two-line Dijon tram system, approximately 50 per cent longer than the current Edinburgh line. The first line up was up and running in September and the second just a few days ago. The whole project has been constructed in two years following a nine-month infrastructure contract beforehand.

I urge Edinburgh City Council to end our misery long in advance of the extended dates currently quoted.

Mike Dunsmore

Lansdowne Crescent