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It was to be expected that the Cockburn Association and the Architectural Heritage Society would oppose the new proposals for the Caltongate development near Waverley (your report, 3 October). If these “serial objectors” had their way very little would be built.

They seek to impose their narrow and reactionary ideas on the majority with no regard for the rights and wishes of property owners or the economic and social consequences for society.

Buildings are located and designed to meet the needs and pockets of those who will use them, not to please the aesthetic tastes of others. In fact, only a tiny proportion of people take any interest in appearances of towns, having more important matters to think about.

The key role of the planning system is to further “sustainable development” which requires using land, infrastructure, ­energy etc efficiently.

That can be objectively assessed. Issues of appearance cannot. Tastes change over time. Structures which were strongly criticised when new are now highly valued, even “listed”.

A huge amount of income (including in local taxation) has been lost due to delays in developing this, and many other sites.

Alan Mathieson

Glasgow Road