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Given that under international law, a seceding state is only entitled to fixed assets (such as buildings) but not moveable assets (such as vehicles and ships) unless originally procured for the sole use of the departing state, how exactly does an independent Scotland intend to set up and run its proposed defence force for a mere £2.5 billion per annum?

It may of course negotiate some Royal Navy (RN) warships, perhaps even the two Type 23s “promised” in the white paper, but given the vast range of specialist skills required to operate such ships, as well as the need to offer exciting, progressive careers to adventurous and ambitious people, how and from where do these personnel come?

I struggle to see the attraction (other than scenic) of patrolling between the Mull of Galloway and St Abb’s Head with no defined threat – it certainly would never have pulled me away from my RN career.

Where are the specialist arms (such as signals, helicopter support, armour, artillery) to support the recreated Scottish regiments to come from? What intelligence services? What aircraft?

The maritime patrol aircraft that SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson glibly mentions (your report, 23 July) won’t fly themselves, and how do they intend to recruit and train their deeply specialised crews?

Given the promise that the Scottish Defence Force will have 7,500 regulars by separation, the absence of any detail, like all the other fantasy politics that attempt to support independence, says everything about Yes/SNP’s lack of military understanding or reality and destroys their credibility to sustain Faslane jobs.

No, I will rely instead on the bird in the hand of increasing Faslane jobs by nearly a fifth, the increasing army footprint in Scotland, and the building of 13 Type 26 frigates and another aircraft carrier here after we vote No. That, and retaining our world-class armed forces, respected worldwide as a force for good.

Angus Young

Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy (Rtd)

Edward Drive