Migration report

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The report from academics at University College London bears out what realists have been 
stressing for decades now: 
immigrants from outside Europe have taken more than £100 
billion more in benefits and services than they paid in taxes over a 
16-year period.

Their bill was 14 per cent higher than the money they put into the national purse.
Conversely, immigrants from 
Europe, including the large numbers which came after 2004 from Poland, have paid more in taxes than they have received.

So be it. We can surely see who we should have welcomed and who we should not.

As they used to say, “there’s no sentiment in business”.

At the risk of being considered discriminatory it should be added that the academics clearly stated that immigrants from outside Europe had made “a negative fiscal contribution overall, partly explained by their demographic structure – non-European immigrants have had more children than natives”.

Alastair Harper


by Dunfermline